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How To Keep Putting Yourself Out There?

Updated: May 4, 2023

Why hello there, darling human, I'm so happy you're here! Can you believe that we get to be here together? Wild. First things first, I invite you to place your head in line with your heart and your heart in line with your pelvis. Tune in. Is there something that would make you and your body feel 1% more comfortable? For example, would you like some water, food, or a bit of a stretch? You do you. Your whole self is welcome here. Your body is the teacher.

Now that we're settled in, let's get to it: How to put ourselves out there, and why it matters.

For starters, what does "putting ourselves out there" even mean? To me, it means sharing ideas, dreams, projects, experiences, emotions, and goals while daring to show up differently in our personal and professional lives. What does it mean to you? Chances are that, even if we have different definitions, we might experience similar sensations.

For example, you know how, sometimes, when you're putting yourself out there, you can have this beautiful Vision of something great to come and the exact opposite at the same time? Well... I don't know about you, but either way, for me, that can sometimes mean that I'm literally having hot flashes or that I have some type of knot at the base of my sternum bone between my ribs. The excitement of starting something new or taking a different path can sometimes leave us feeling like the literal embodiment of: "Who... am... I... to... do this? Why... would anyone care? What if... no one cares?".

To that, all I have to say is: yes, these questions can seem impossible to answer, which can be debilitating. And. There may be a short-term approach that works for a bit, like overriding our body's cues and/or bullying ourselves into pushing through/pushing past to 'get it done'. The thing is though... If we want to be putting ourselves out there *consistently* for our dreams, our goals, and our relationships, then practicing how to move through these seemingly insurmountable moments is the true practice. The invitation then is two-fold: a) come back to Purpose and b) ask different questions.

a) Come Back to Purpose:

When connecting to the Purpose, the question to answer is your very personal "why?". For example, why start a blog in 2022? Personally, I want to walk alongside you as a way-finding partner as we navigate this wide and wild world. I see this is an opportunity to partner with you and offer you resources, questions, and stories that help us breathe easier along the way. How? The end goal is to create a space where you feel seen, heard, and understood. From my perspective, this corner of the Universe is to then be filled with curiosity, loving kindness, safety, and ease. Why does any of this matter to either of us? Because putting ourselves out there consistently gets us closer to living a life that light us up from the inside out. And. Putting ourselves out there *consistently* becomes more available when we know that, no matter what comes of an experience, we can come back to our Why. And. I propose that our Why then needs to be processed through our personal filter or, in my case, my 6 Yeses.

b) Ask Different Questions:

What's this 6 Yeses business, you ask? Once you've connected to the Purpose or your personal Why behind putting yourself out there, I invite you to try on the following 6 questions for size. The first three were gifted to me by a dear friend over a decade ago. The last three were gifted to me by one of my Coaches earlier this year. Personally, I know that if I answer Yes to these questions, I know that I can make peace with whatever the outcome may be. There's immense power in that. These 6 questions have now become a personal Question Compass of sorts:

1. Is it true?

2. Is it kind?

3. Is it necessary?

4. Is it nourishing?

5. Is it sustainable?

6. Is it growth-promoting?

Bonus Q: What might change for you if you put yourself out there knowing that you answered these questions with 6 Yeses?

Yes, I gift these to you... And. I invite you to try it out or to create your own Question Compass as you journey forward.

That's all for now. Let me know what you think in the comments or by replying to the email. Can't wait to see you next week!


Ps: Please share with friends and on social media. It makes a huge difference for a new creator. Thanks so much!

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