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What is possible through a coaching relationship?

Through Inquiry-based Coaching, I invite you to (re)discover your purpose, passion, and potential. Through powerful questions, you’re invited to tap into your inner and outer resources, identify where you want to go, determine what you need to do to get there, connect to your own wisdom, and create the systems that mobilize you towards action. 


How does it work? We partner to work towards an overarching goal, which is based on where you want to go or what you want to achieve. This overarching goal determines the main 'umbrella' or overall scope of our work together.


Rooted in the Apamaté Approach, I walk alongside you. Our goal together is to co-create a space of safety and ease where you can show up with curiosity and loving kindness to tap into your purpose, passion, and potential. The uniqueness of this Approach is that we also aim to support your nervous system in adapting to change over time. Though I’m not a therapist, I am a trauma-informed Coach who understands the need to integrate different parts of you and your nervous system along the journey towards your goals, if you want to implement long-term change. 

Each session is then guided by a 'smaller umbrella' or single-session purpose, which builds towards achieving the broader, overarching goal. Each session contributes towards creating sustainable change and implementing action plans in between sessions.

Since this offering is available online, we can connect wherever you are. So far, I’ve walked alongside coaching clients across Canada in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec. I’ve also coached clients in the United States, Argentina, France, and Latvia. We can always make the time zones work!

As a certified Executive Coach (CEC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I abide by the ICF’s Code of Ethics.

What our Coachees have to say...

Coaching has expanded my ability to see things more clearly, act and be more aligned with my values in my decision-making. Valentina is intently present in our coaching conversations, providing me with a sounding board that is incredibly insightful and meaningfully challenging. Valentina is a true collaborator in expanding your thinking, sense of possibilities and embracing what exact actions need to be taken to advance or resolve what's important to you. 

- M.M.

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