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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called "Apamaté"?

The Apamate tree represented in the name and logo is native to Venezuela, my country of origin. I added the accent on "é" so Apamaté  would represent my ability to offer services in French as well as Spanish. The Apamate tree was an inspirational image for me throughout my youth and adulthood, representing rootedness, growth, and blossoming - I hope to bring the spirit of Apamaté  into every offering and session.

What are Apamaté's Values? 

Curiosity: taking an inquiry-based approach and asking powerful questions to support you in finding new ways to hang in the tension of reaching your goals and navigate complexity along the way. 


Loving kindness: meeting you where you are, holding you capable, and honoring your knowing with deep respect, while also inviting you to challenge your assumptions. 


Safety and ease: co-creating a safe environment with you to ensure physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual ease. 

Apamaté's "Why"? 

Helping you breathe easier with curiosity, loving kindness, as well as safety and ease. 

Apamaté's "Who"? 

You! And someone who is committed to welcoming your whole self and who is also committed to breathing easier herself. Aka me!

Apamaté's "What"? 

Three offerings: Coaching, Facilitation, and Yoga Instruction. 

Apamaté's "How"? 

One Approach - The Apamaté Approach.

Apamaté Approach: trauma-sensitive and healing-informed, whole person and whole body, multi-lingual and multi-cultural, self and systems, and purpose/passion/potential. 

What is Valentina's professional background and what did she work in before founding Apamaté?

Originally from Venezuela, I'm now a Coach, Facilitator, and Yoga Instructor who has lived and worked in Bogota, Colombia, Toronto and Winnipeg in Canada, Paris, France, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I hold a Master’s of Global Affairs (MGA) and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Toronto. I am also a certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University, as well as an Associate Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Before Apamaté, as a facilitator through Creating Value, I worked on the design and facilitation of participatory processes to address complex challenges. I have also interned with the Canadian Embassy in Argentina, as well as work on projects with Accenture Foundation and Grand Challenges Canada (GCC). Before returning to Canada for my Master's degree, I worked in Bogota, Colombia as a Social Business Consultant with Yunus Social Business and as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Coordinator with Industrial Consulting Group.

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