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How To Follow Through With A New Dream?

As we prepare for a new season, what would you like to plant over the coming fall and winter? What would you like to harvest next spring? Yes, it seems far because it is. And. Chances are that whatever you want to build is worth investing time, energy, and effort into. Whether it's a new project at home, at work, or in your family, I invite you to tune into the conditions that help you follow through with a new dreams and/or existing dreams.

For example, I'm writing a book. I've wanted to for a long time. It's been percolating in my mind for about a year now. That's why following through is on my mind right now. So, today, I have an invitation for both of us: how might we set up the conditions to follow through with this new dream?

As for you, I invite you to check in with that whispered dream that's been in the back of your mind for a bit. Maybe it's a business, a trip, a book of your own, a new training, a retreat, a move, a resignation, or whatever makes you feel slightly more alive. If you can't think of anything right now, I invite you to make the powerful choice of deciding to get curious about what might breathe more Life into your every day.

Once you have an idea or the intention to remain curious about possible ideas, I invite you to consider the following 3 areas and t0 answer the following questions with me:

1. Purpose:

a) What do you know to be true about why this matters to you?

b) How might it contribute to something greater than yourself?

c) Who can you trust to tell about this adventure and how might you invite them to support you?

Personal example: a) For me, writing a book feels like another avenue to share creativity as medicine. b) I want it to find you as leaders, over-achievers, and high performers before you find yourself in a situation where you're crashing and burning. I want you to have the tools to change direction to come out whole on the other side of chronic overwhelm, challenge, change, or opportunity. c) As of now, I've mentioned it in passing to people who I believe are rooting for me *and* I'm actively working with my trauma-informed coach on it.

2. Passion:

a) How might you come back to this Why when it's hard to remember?

b) What is the most realistic structure that can help you stay motivated over the long term?

c) What experiences/habits/activities/rituals will add up and build momentum in helping you to get to the 'finish line'?

Personal example: a) I'm checking in with my coach on a weekly basis for the next 6 months and I'm leaving little physical reminders of this dream throughout my place. b) I'll be writing 5 hours a week over the next 24 weeks. c) Experiences: regular hang outs with friends, being coached, keeping up with Morning Pages, meditating, making my work area extra sensorily pleasing, and using a visual timer to keep me on track for that hour.

3. Potential:

- What's the best thing that can come out of this?

- As you share this with others, what place in their lives are you meeting them at?

- Where do you want to leave them once it happens?

Personal example: a) A book that makes my soul and internal family system feel seen, heard, and understood *while* you, as a fellow leader, feel that too. b) I want to meet you at the part of your lives when you're deciding how you want to play the cards you've been dealt. c) I want my book to leave you certain of the fact that you're the expert in your own life, that you deserve to live your truest and most beautiful life, and that there are ways to make peace with the dreadful while making the most of the wonderful.

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