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How To Be In The Moment 101?

As you know, I'm a big advocate for support, both formal and informal. I've learned that we were truly never to do it all alone. A while back, I was in therapy exploring how to grasp the truth of the moment. Why? Because, as a Coach, I can only take clients as far as I have taken myself and investing in my mental health is one of my key life tools to show up with integrity. So, here's a sneak peak of what I learned in the session and a few follow-up invitations.

Because questions are my jam, my therapist and I worked on questions to come back to. I gift you these 6 questions now in the hopes that they serve you as much as they have served me or serve as a springboard for your own:

  1. Does it feel safe to be myself with this person, in this place, and/or through this experience?

  2. Do I feel good in this person's company, in this place, and/or while engaging in this experience?

  3. Do I feel happy or joyful here?

  4. Do I want another moment of this?

  5. Do I want to invest more time and energy in getting to know this person, place, and/or experience?

  6. Do I hear myself belly laughing with this person, in this place, or through this experience?

How to be in the moment is a question that people have been trying to answer for thousands of years. So, here's my humble invitation:

a) If you're someone who tends to spend more time thinking through things and has a hard time connecting to the body, start with: Do I want another moment of this?

b) If you have an easier time tuning into emotion, notice more of the characteristics of the situation. Ask: What are the people, places, and experiences contributing to this feeling right now?

c) If you're someone who has an easier time tapping into the body, then ask: Where do these sensations land in the body and what might they be trying to tell me?

I invite you to use these questions as a way of helping both your mind and body make sense of a moment. Getting clear on how you want to feel most of the time can help you create more relationships, visit more place, and engage in more experiences that make it easier to be present moment to moment.

In terms of activities that can help you practice being in the moment, I invite you tap into the 7 types of rest every person needs, as well as explore the different types of joy you can add to your life.

You're deserving of a life full live, a loudly beating heart, and a sense of purpose as you move through your path.

For coaching support on overcoming chronic overwhelm long enough to create your truest and most beautiful life, book a Discovery Call with me today. Chat soon!

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