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How To Reset Your Measure Of Success?

If your measure of success is 'yes' or 'no', then chances are that 'succeeding' is a zero sum game reduced to final outcomes. Chances then also are that there's lots of opportunity to expand on your definition of 'success'. The opportunity lies in adjusting your measures of success to also include other factors when it comes to making the most of your time, energy, and effort in the face of change, challenge, and opportunity. For example, you can also measure the process of what you're accomplishing, the establishment of meaningful relationships, the communication style used, the systems set up, the alignment with your values, and the milestones along the way.

This way, you can have a clearer and more complete picture of what 'success' is available at every step of the way. These measures can help you learn along the way, adapt to your context, iterate on the solutions you're proposing, offer constructive feedback, offer recognition, hold yourself accountable, as well as others. Here are some questions to consider:


  • Am I showing up in integrity with my values?

  • Am I rooting in my purpose or connection to something greater than myself?

  • Am I committed to doing better once I know better?


  • Is this true?

  • Is this kind aka respectful and clear?

  • Is this necessary?


  • Is it sustainable?

  • Is it growth promoting?

  • Is it nourishing?


  • Is it possible to maintain this effort for 12 to 18 months?

  • What are the milestones to build, measure, and learn about along the way?

  • Are the expectations and requirements clear to everyone involved?


  • Am I holding myself accountable to what I committed to?

  • Are we clear on the support we need and the support we can offer?

  • Am I connecting with people who hold me capable and help me tap into solution-seeking behaviours?

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