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How Might You Recognize How Far You've Come?

This week's invitation is to take a step back and recognize how far you've come this year before moving into what comes in the next one. If you're catching this article at any other time, the invite is the same: notice how far you've come this season of your life before moving into the next one. By taking a moment to step back, you can also recognize all the wins and learning that can act as the springboard to bounce off from into the next season of your life. Disclaimer: this is not a 'new year, new me' article. This is a 'look at how far you've come and notice what you want to take with you moving forward' article.

Whatever season of your life you're currently in and whatever season you're moving into, chances are that you've grieved losses and celebrated wins personally/professionally up until now. One of the risk of the 'self-improvement' and 'healing' worlds is that nothing is ever really enough because it could technically always be better. While this may be partially true depending on how you come at it, my invitation is to notice that by honouring how far you've come up to this point, you'll be better equipped to arrive at whatever your next level may be. Ironically, recognizing that where you're at now is worthy of honouring is a key stepping stone in getting to your next level from a place of loving kindness rather than punishing perfectionism.

Whether it's last season or this past year, I invite you to consider the following areas and questions:

Bodies: include different aspects of your life including mental/logic, emotional/feelings, spiritual/purpose physical/physiological

  1. If you were to think of what became possible for you this year in these aspects of your life, what would you want past you to know about?

  2. Of all you've lost this year, what do you miss the most and how might you honour it?

  3. Of all you've gained this year, what do you treasure the most and how might you honour it?

Leadership: includes self-leadership, team leadership, community leadership, business leadership

  1. When did you show up in integrity with your values and 'walked the talk'?

  2. Who helped you show up in meaningful ways and how might you recognize their efforts?

  3. Where did you put your energy, time, and effort?

Relationships: include family, friends, colleagues, teams, partners, community members

  1. Who are you grateful to have in your corner during both the dreadful and the wonderful parts of everyday life?

  2. How might you thank your humans for adding to your life with their presence?

  3. Is there anything you could make explicit with someone who might not know just how much they mean to you?

Experiences: include personal, professional, everyday, events, special occasions, initiatives, projects, practices

  1. If you could tell you from a year ago about this year, what would you say?

  2. What would be the dreadful parts that you're relieved or proud of surviving?

  3. What are the wonderful parts that you planned for and the ones that took you by surprise?

Places: at home, at work, in town, abroad, in nature

  1. What places brought you moments of joy, peace, and rejuvenation?

  2. Where did you feel most connected to yourself and your purpose?

  3. Where did you create memories with people you can be yourself around?

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