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Yoga For Joy

It's been a time for a long time now. Yoga for Joy is an opportunity to give yourself, and those you love, a big hug.


Valentina, founder of Apamaté, is a certified Yoga Instructor who offers this 45 minute class online in the spirit of maximizing the ripple effects of loving kindness.

In Yoga for Joy, we'll practice how to breathe, adapt the physical practice of Yoga to what works for our bodies, root in purpose, and ground in joy.

All you need is a chair, a mat, a notebook, and lots of curiosity! This class is all about recentering. It is less about sweating it out and more about regrouping after a long week and taking a moment to recharge before the next one.

At the end of class, you are welcome to stay for 10 to 15 mins of creative expression through poetry, colouring, journaling, and/or maybe even dancing? We shall see... you there!

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What our Yogis have to say...

Valentina’s teaching style is kind, thoughtful and radical. It shows that everybody is welcome, and everybody is considered, even before they join the class. Yoga for Joy classes have helped me start my Saturday mornings with gentle movement and gratitude. Signing up feels like an act of self-love every time. 

- D.E.

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